Arrival at Cortijada Los Gazquez

by andrewwelch

I, arrived at Cortijada Los Gazquez yesterday having taken a long bus from Alicante via Murcia, Lorca and up into the mountains.


Today, I spent the day organising my kit and creating a map for displaying geolocated tweets. I’m looking forward to getting outside and exploring the ‘dry fluvial system’ from the top of the ‘Sistemas Efímeros‘ – the beginning of the system nearby to Los Gazquez.

My project, Bajada, is a swift passage from the mountains at the source of the water catchment system, following the dry fluvial system (dry river beds) down to the sea. Documenting via photography, leaving repositories of ‘metadata’ with my observations of the physical and human geographies via geolocated blog posts to serve as access points for others into the project. You can read more about it here.

Although there is a theoretical background to the project, it is very much a personal response to a walk and the surroundings as I make my way down the system.

You can follow the walk through the map which  shows geolocated tweets.

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