Day 1: Emergent Architecture

by andrewwelch

Posted from María, Andalusia, Spain.

I observed the directional forces, which had been at work on material surfaces. The resultant emergent architecture took the form of carved corners, walls of bedrock, collapsed banks and scree slopes.

I observed a meander where it was possible to see the layers of stratification of materials in the bank as the barranco had slowly eroded its channel over an unknown period of time.

There were well-formed piles of rock consisting of a certain colour presumably caused by repeated heating and cooling of the rock that had caused it to disintegrate.


There were examples of insects by way of burrowed nests in the sand and rocks.


The barranco began with steep sides but naturally widened over the first few hours of walking.

I observed the channel bed as I walked. The materials were organised by the forces of water and wind acting upon them. Unusual paths formed of fine particulate matter looked as if they were man-made.

Changes in the colour of the rock leads to striking changes in the colour.