Day 1: Sistemas Efímeros

by andrewwelch

Posted from María, Andalusia, Spain.

I began the trip feeling confident but wondering whether I was taking too much kit.

I was apprehensive about how to take into account the multiple threads of the trip that I had outlined in the proposal and in the theoretical document. I kept in mind that it was a personal trip but that I would be sharing the experience.

I walked up to the top of the Sistemas (the rainfall catchment on the mountain side). I felt aware of my feet and my breath as I walked. I thought of when I had walked up the hill before but now it was the beginning of a new journey. I was putting together the pieces of a puzzle and writing a new story.

Sistemas Efimeros

I felt back in ‘travelling’ mode, as if the path ahead was opening up and I just had to walk into it. I desired to get moving and into a rhythm.

The managed system of terraces, with a well and balsa (the subject of Sistemas Efimeros) looked in a state of neglect. A barranco that had naturally cut through the wall of the terrace would mean water would be lost from the system rather than held on the terrace and slowly percolate down to the bedrock feeding the well and balsa further down. An area with an abundance of vegetative growth suggested there must be a source of water.

I picked up my heavy backpack from Cortijada Los Gazquez and strided across the field to rejoin the watercourse and then drop down into the barranco where it was cooler out of the midday sun.

My attention was drawn to the architectural features formed by the processes at work.