Day 1: From Theory to Reality

by andrewwelch

Posted from MarĂ­a, Andalusia, Spain.

Over the first few hours, the reality of the physical reality of the trip began to sink in. There was a psychological departure from being inside a shelter. I was faced with a different type of challenge – different from navigating within a human community and human house with familiar objects.

Practical concerns arose such as when and what I would eat, how much water I was drinking, the weight of my pack, the feeling of the rocks on my feet, getting used to using the walking poles and feeling the heat from the sun and the cold when the sun went down and the wind blew.

My pack and kit afforded the survival necessities. I realised quickly that I could have refined them. In the back of my mind it frustrated me that I could be less encumbered by my kit.

I could have more energy and freedom of movement. Perhaps this would mean that I would take more photos, notice more details, and have more energy to use my imagination, to be in the flow and to focus.


However, this was pure speculation and I felt relieved that I had spent many hours researching the kit that I would use for this trip which was my first long distance walk.