Day 1: First sight of water

by andrewwelch

Posted from MarĂ­a, Andalusia, Spain.

Coming across water was a point of significance because of the contrast amidst the dry landscape. New vegetation such as reeds could be seen. I felt the temptation to swim.

Following the water flow, I could feel the change underfoot, hear the sound of water and see the traces of animals. Outside of the watercourse were often olive and almond trees or ploughed fields.


A mental model of the fluvial system began to build up in my mind as I made progress. This model was continuously reworked as I walked.

I reached a section that passed through a different kind of hard bedrock. There was no vegetation, the water looked very clean and the rock was easy to walk over. The varying nature of the geology that the watercourse passed through must have its affect on the water itself.