Day 2: Embalse de Valdeinfierno

by andrewwelch

Posted from Region of Murcia, Spain.

I navigated myriad of paths left by animals and livestock that had walked there dotted with hundreds of sinewy reddish-coloured trees, lined with pined trees.

This route reached an impassable rock bank which forced the watercourse into a bottleneck. Here the tree cover parted neatly because the heavily trafficked route of the livestock prevented growth. Further along there were many reeds and the ground underfoot became damper.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I realised that there was a route that followed around the side of the lake (so I would not have to try to pass through the heavy undergrowth).

I rested for a while and charged my phone using 11w Portapow fold out solar panel.

I had brought with me a small bag of fresh vegetables – carrots, endives, cucumbers and an avocado. After tying my shirt and t-shirt into the tree to afford some shade I sat down and ate the avocado cutting it apart with my knife and eating the flesh from the skin.

After some minutes passed I heard a loud swooshing sound and looked up to see a vulture making a pass (to see if I was edible or not).

I climbed up onto a rock and surveyed the landscape. This revealed the wide-open area of the lake, covered in small reddish-brown trees. The other side in the distance I could see the buildings indicating the dam.