Day 2: Following the Tracks

by andrewwelch

Posted from Region of Murcia, Spain.

I hoped that the tracks left by the animals would not end as otherwise I would have to work my way through a maze of identical shrubs.

I came across a hole in the ground. It was approximately 2 metres in diameter and revealed a fissure which was perhaps an indication of the passing of water and the continuous shifting of the earth.


About half way across the lake towards the dam I became aware of a mountain with the face removed. In this case it was a marble mine.


As I reached the dam, I was shocked at how just how dry the Embalse de Valdeinfierno was. This was accentuated by the presence of the 30m high dam wall with a small pool of water at its base. Otherwise, the ground was bone-dry, parched dirt.


Was the dam only full when there was a huge storm and then the water stayed for a while before drying out? Was the construction of the dam over-optimistic or short-termism? I was missing a big part of the story.