Day 2: Reaching the Spring

by andrewwelch

I reached a spring that likely connected with the underground tunnel. It was a man-made feature with crystal clear water flowing into a pool. After inspecting and realising that the abundance of small black objects in the water were snails and not leaches, I revelled in the opportunity to submerge myself in the water.


After drying off, I took some water from the spring as I was running low and continued walking following the now (albeit small – approx. 2m across) river.

I felt at this point intrigued that not only was there water but enough to have a decent sized river. I was aware that the river disappeared and reappeared and wasn’t a good indicator of the presence of water.

The water didn’t just start at one point and then flow somewhere else without new inputs and outputs occurring. It passed differing geologies, which would also have an affect.

There was a prevalence of aggressive midges which flew straight into my mouth, nose and eyes, which made it difficult to stop anywhere for a rest.

There was some evidence of tourism with picnic benches and a car park. I boiled some of the water I had collected and drank a large cup of green tea whilst defending myself from the midges which vied to destroy my calm and concentration.