Day 3: Embalse de Puentes

by andrewwelch

Posted from Region of Murcia, Spain.

I could see the Embalse de Puentes from my campsite. I plotted a route to descend down from the mountain side, through some terraces and follow alongside the lake until the dam. However I didn’t anticipate the numerous barrancos emptying into the lake on the side so I had to climb down and up multiple times.

I also found myself amidst a plantation of pine trees, swarming loudly with mosquitoes. There were many pine processionary caterpillar nests in the trees. I had been warned about them. This moth larvae has urticating hairs which cause harmful reactions in humans and other mammals.

I spent a good hour hacking my way through before managing to escape using my GPS to find a path that avoided the barrancos and the pine forest.