Day 4: Urban Rambling

by andrewwelch

Posted from Lorca, Region of Murcia, Spain.

In the morning it was difficult to walk. At midday the following day I hobbled out of the hotel through the city into the suburbs passing lemon and orange groves in private gardens.

I had a feeling that the worst part of the trip would be the areas where there were more humans and urban areas. This intuition comes from cycle touring passing through areas on the outskirts of cities that usually smell terrible and are a mess. There is not the requirement or desire to keep them appearing clean due to the lack of tourists and customer-facing businesses.


When I found the ramblas again it was dry, cracked and littered with frequent piles of fly-tipped rubbish. The channel of water itself was dark brown with plastic floating in it.


The contrast between this and the river in the mountains had a strong emotional impact of shock. I couldn’t help attributing my feeling of illness to that of the state of the watercourse.



I stumbled along in the ramblas. I had that familiar feeling of not being where a normal human being should be but rather being in an ugly place that everyone chooses to ignore.


It was extremely dry, the ground was parched a cracked. When I reached some floodgates the situation had taken a turn to the absurd.