Day 4: Naranja

by andrewwelch

Posted from Lorca, Region of Murcia, Spain.

I left the rambla and walked instead on the road with the desire to find some oranges and water. I passed numerous large house with orange and lemon trees, large patio areas with chair and tables, gates, fenced off with dogs, kitsch statues, tall palm trees and other ornamental tree and plant species.

I met a couple of old ladies and a lady with a van with some food products that appeared to act as the village shop for each area. However, she only sold dry packaged food and no fresh water or fruit.

As I walked I continued to observe the path of the ramblas, which was surrounded by fields of intensive industrialised agriculture. A system of water irrigation channelled and piped water into the fields between lines of monoculture crops- potatoes, lettuces, artichokes, broccoli and variety of others. I could see that black plastic had been ploughed back into the soil.
There was always a smell of manure like the smell near the pig farm before.


I waved down a minibus and caught a lift a few kilometres. He asked me if I spoke French and after a few minutes I discovered that he knew where I could get oranges. I realised that he meant he was going to give me them for free when we turned into a huge grape plantation with orange and lemon groves in the centre. I filled my bag with armfuls of orange and lemon making it significantly heavier.


That day I had not eaten so devouring 5 oranges and a lemon whilst sitting in the shade of a large poplar tree gave me a surreal sugar, energy and vitamin C boost. Studying my GPS, I realised that I was not far from the Canal de Pareton, which was a concrete channelisation that forked from the Rio Guadalentin and later became the Ramblas de Mazarron.