Day 4: Canal de Pareton

by andrewwelch

I walked beside the canal, out of the sprawl of industrialised agriculture. After a mile or two the concrete channel joined a wider concrete structure as the watercourse meandered north.

I witnessed the curious sight of the grand concrete structure crumbling and sinking into the ground, which exhibited a variety of landslips and sinkholes. New pools of water and habitats of plants and animals had emerged.


As the sunset I erected my tent but the wind began to howl and putting intense pressure on the tent causing one of the poles to snap. I assessed my options and committed to reaching the lights of a settlement that I could see ahead.


I walked across ploughed fields in the moonlight but the 3 miles over rough ground didn’t pass by too quickly so when I came across a flat spot I took the opportunity to fix my tent pole and camped.