Day 5: Rambla de Mazarron

by andrewwelch

Posted from Region of Murcia, Spain.

After a very satisfying sleep, I deliberated whether I would have an orange for breakfast. After continuing to consume the ones I had been given throughout the previous afternoon it must have been my tenth or more and the citrus was having a strange affect on my teeth!

I followed along the base of the rambla. The banks were made from a soft material, which was visibly prone to slippage and disintegrating at many points. In the base ran a small stream of greyish-yellow water with frogs and many birds.


Along one section a farmer had built a fence directly beside the barranco for a pig farm. It made it very difficult to walk and I had on occasional to climb along the fence where the land was slipping away. The farmer’s solution to the land slippage was to pour concrete into in attempt to stick the land back together but this didn’t seem to be that successful and instead added huge lumps of slipping concrete into the equation.