Day 5: Puerto de Mazarron

by andrewwelch

Posted from Mazarrón, Region of Murcia, Spain.

I passed down back into the rambla. The urban was clearly affecting the water negatively – its colour changed. There were more strange looking materials- could have been remnants of building materials. The prevalence of litter increased.

The ramblas gradually widened as it curved round passing the golf course, under a couple of concrete road bridges and an old bridge (which evidently had survived the storm surge).


Arriving into Mazarron, the mountains of iron-ore coloured materials from the mines turned the rambla a range of yellows, oranges and reds. The surface had a hard crust that crunched as I walked.



The Ramblas into Puerto de Mazarron was abundant with vegetation- reeds, shrubs and saplings. The watercourse itself was separated from the sea by the beach.


I excitedly changed into my swimming shorts and enjoyed fully the moment of diving into the cool water and the satisfaction of having overcome the tough moments of the journey and completed my mission.