A swift passage from the mountains at the source of the water catchment system, following the dry fluvial system down to the sea.

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Day 2: Embalse de Valdeinfierno

Posted from Region of Murcia, Spain.I navigated myriad of paths left by animals and livestock that had walked there dotted with hundreds of sinewy reddish-coloured trees, lined with pined trees. This route reached an impassable rock bank which forced the watercourse into a bottleneck. Here the tree cover parted neatly because the heavily trafficked route […]

Day 2: Hard Rock Geology

Posted from María, Andalusia, Spain.I reached a similar but much deeper gorge formed from a hard rock following steep dark-grey mountains with caves that invited exploring. I descended into the gorge to explore it. There was a pond of water inhabited it seemed by a lone turtle which quickly swam into the murky sediment.

Day 1: First sight of water

Posted from María, Andalusia, Spain.Coming across water was a point of significance because of the contrast amidst the dry landscape. New vegetation such as reeds could be seen. I felt the temptation to swim. Following the water flow, I could feel the change underfoot, hear the sound of water and see the traces of animals. […]

Day 1: From Theory to Reality

Posted from María, Andalusia, Spain.Over the first few hours, the reality of the physical reality of the trip began to sink in. There was a psychological departure from being inside a shelter. I was faced with a different type of challenge – different from navigating within a human community and human house with familiar objects. […]

Day 1: Emergent Architecture

Posted from María, Andalusia, Spain.I observed the directional forces, which had been at work on material surfaces. The resultant emergent architecture took the form of carved corners, walls of bedrock, collapsed banks and scree slopes. I observed a meander where it was possible to see the layers of stratification of materials in the bank as […]