A swift passage from the mountains at the source of the water catchment system, following the dry fluvial system down to the sea.

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Day 2: Hard Rock Geology

Posted from María, Andalusia, Spain.I reached a similar but much deeper gorge formed from a hard rock following steep dark-grey mountains with caves that invited exploring. I descended into the gorge to explore it. There was a pond of water inhabited it seemed by a lone turtle which quickly swam into the murky sediment.

Day 1: From Theory to Reality

Posted from María, Andalusia, Spain.Over the first few hours, the reality of the physical reality of the trip began to sink in. There was a psychological departure from being inside a shelter. I was faced with a different type of challenge – different from navigating within a human community and human house with familiar objects. […]

Day 1: Sistemas Efímeros

Posted from María, Andalusia, Spain.I began the trip feeling confident but wondering whether I was taking too much kit. I was apprehensive about how to take into account the multiple threads of the trip that I had outlined in the proposal and in the theoretical document. I kept in mind that it was a personal […]